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List of candidates for Student start-up

Second Review- held in January, 2017 conducted at School of Computer Sciences

Department IT and Electronics

Sl No Name / 's Project Title Remarks
1 Krishna Presanna kumar & Team System for Blinds Written proposal due
2 Jomon Joseph & Team Organic Hub Startup Project Selected
3 Anija Ponnappan & Team Android app for checking quality of food Written proposal due
4 Sahala Salim, Adarsh Ashok Traffic Congestion Detection App Written proposal due
5 Vinu Thomas Pal H. Real time health monitoring system Written proposal due
6 Ajith Prasad P Go Agro. Android application for farmers Written proposal due
7 Shahanas Shan Sullivan the miracle worker Startup Project Selected
8 Amal Johny, Muhammed Saju Eviday-Ecommerce Startup Project Selected
9 Thenu Eliza Thampi & Team SMART-ABLE Startup Project Selected
10 Vishnu Dileesh Medical Data Unique Identity System Written proposal due
11 Jibin Joseph, Haneesh K Gas Leakage Detector Written proposal due
12 Binnu Kurian Mathew Biometric Virtual Id Written proposal submitted
13 Abdul Subuhan & Team Blind Aid Raspbery System Startup Project Selected
14 Tasni Husain, Sreevyas Narayanan Electronic Learning System Written proposal due

Department Bioscience

Sl No Name / 's Project Title Remarks
1 Sreejith S, Shibil Shad K Bioscience Startup Project Selected
2 Haritha C.M, Roshni Poulose Bioscience Not Participated
3 Divya A Bioscience Startup Project Selected
4 Akhila VA Bioscience Startup Project Selected
5 Athulya EC Bioscience Not Participated
6 Nayana AR Bioscience Startup Project Selected
7 Sreeshma J Bioscience Written proposal due
8 Ajeesha VA Bioscience Startup Project Selected
9 Smisha Lawrence Bioscience Startup Project Selected

Department Marketing

Sl No Name / 's Project Title Remarks
1 Lijo Babu Innovative marketing strategy for native eggs Startup Project Selected

Department Mechanical

Sl No Name / 's Project Title Remarks
1 Ajith Mathew & Team Automatic Cocoa Bean Separator Written proposal due

Department Civil

Sl No Name / 's Project Title Remarks
1 Kirandas K S & Team Ovenbird Gypsum Board Construction Written proposal due

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